Hutcheson Manor

A Storybook Tudor with History to Share

A Storybook Tudor

At any moment you might expect to see magical elfin creatures darting in and out of the limelight hydrangeas, like the squirrels and the chipmunks at Hutcheson Manor. This storybook Tudor revival was built in 1932 and is situated in the picturesque and unique little town of Ulen, which is in the city of Lebanon, Indiana.

Revival storybook Tudors are patterned after the houses of the Tudor era (1485-1603) in 15th century England. England was experiencing a major architectural evolution from the church-inspired Gothic influences to the medieval and Italian Renaissance movements. Instead of the enormous cathedral-like Gothic palaces, the English were moving toward Tudor designs that were much smaller but still elegant and "grand" in their own right. The Tudor style was much more whimsical and visually attractive with its sloping rooflines, ornamental chimneys, and half-timbered facades.

Hutcheson Manor has the look of a traditional Tudor with a white stucco façade and bricks, painted traditional white with brown timbering and trim. The board and batten front door provides a substantial entry to the house, with its leaded glass window and Medieval iron hardware. The original windows are French casement and with the house having no central air system, they provide a substantial and cooling cross breeze when opened.

The roof is slate - the "hundred year roof" - and the gutters have weathered with patinated shades of blue and green mingling into a beautiful verdigris. The interior is quite open for a house built in 1932. The dining room opens to the living room with its wood burning fireplace. The carpet was removed to reveal hardwood floors and thankfully, the coving in the downstairs of the house was never painted.

The kitchen is quite small by modern standards, but every inch of space has been maximized and it is a very functional and well used room. The "piano room" was originally used as a sun room/sitting room and has the most windows of any room, allowing the sun to stream in and giving an expansive view of the side lawn, garden, and front lawn. A staircase leads to the guest bath at the top of the landing, two bedrooms, and the master bedroom with bath.

As was common in this neighborhood, the front and side lawn is quite expansive with a native limestone path gently winding around the pine and oak trees to the street. Many trees, bushes, and native plants form a woodland wreath around the house which is home to chipmunks, several species of birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

Hutcheson Family

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2022 Renovation

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2022 Renovation

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